Bio-Based Acoustic Solutions


Bio-Acouis received funding through the European Unions's Horizon 2021, innovation project which will provide acoustic solutions made by  bio-based materials. Bio-Acouis focuses on a highly for per actual problem of the society and economy, noise is one of the major issue people who spent most of her time in offices or in the workplace. The demand for acoustic solutions which are cost-effective, renewable, eco-friendly in nature and have a positive impact on human health and well-being. Bio-Acouis project delivers an improved innovative acoustic solutions based on biobased materials, nanofibers and fully biobased which are biodegradable, lightweight, cost-efficient and eco-friendly in nature while preventing and reducing noises in open plan spaces.


One of the key strategies how to utilize novel noise reduction technologies, which are cost-effective, eco-friendly, natural based and also have a positive impact on human health and behavior. Acoustics are a major workplace problem, particularly in open plan offices or education facilities and thus many people bothered by noise and bad acoustic. Therefore, the main objective is to develop cost effective acoustic solutions based on bio-based materials and thus improved acoustic systems in the workplace and open spaces, particularly social distance are needed.

Project Documents

The project deliverables, publications, and Bio-Acouis solutions will be made available on this page.