Staff Exchange Actions have started at June!

In the first period of the project Bio-Acouis, the secondment plans were almost completed and a researcher from Türkiye started the fabolous journey to complete secondment.As of June 1, the Staff Exchange program has officially started for Bio-Acouis with the researcher departing from Türkiye to Italy.

The SE action funds short-term international and inter-sectoral exchanges of staff members involved in research and innovation activities of participating organisations. The aim is to develop sustainable collaborative projects between different organisations from the academic and non-academic sectors (in particular SMEs), based in Europe and beyond. Exchanged staff benefit from new knowledge, skills and career development perspectives, while participating organisations increase their research and innovation capacities.

The research and staff exchange programme will be the backbone of the project!

Bio-Acouis integrates a network for research & staff exchange, comprised of academic and industrial scientists with inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary expertise. The partners have relevant complementarities which will setup fruitful interactions, fastening the obtainment of scientific results and applications that require different expertise and providing a multidisciplinary training. The research capacities and expertise of the consortiumare heavily synergistic and covers all the scientific, technological and market aspects required in a R&I chain to advance the concept of bio-based materials, nanofiber technology, airlaid technology, multi-layered configuration for all vibro-acoustic solutions.


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